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Several months ago several beloveds within my community who know that I run private training/initation programs in the incredible new paradigm light & frequency healing modality of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the heart, expressed interest in a group training program – online – which has been requested many times by those who prefer to learn in this format vs one on one, and who are unable to travel to my live group events.

The first of these classes was run in February, and the next one commences on May 15th! 🙂 Would you like to join us?

This will be:

✨ For Levels 1 & 2 (simultaneously) of Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart. Read more about Belvaspata here.

✨ My usual extremely comprehensive 1:1 training program which includes full support throughout the duration of the training and afterwards, catered uniquely to your specific intentions for using this advanced modality, in an online group format, with mentoring towards self-initiation into the modality for those who are unable to travel to me in person to receive the initiation.

✨ Self-initation (unless you wish to receive your initiation in person with me) will be fully supported and supervised, and can be done within the group setting if preferred, or alone with support provided for you if this is your choice. This is entirely down to individual preference, and can be discussed amongst the group as we progress through the training! A date has been allocated to go through this process as a group for those who might prefer this approach.

For those would would like it, a certificate of training and supervised self-initiation can be provided on completion.

✨ Please be assured that the wonderful frequencies of this modality are immediately discernable in a being’s fields on successful completion of initiation, and so for those in doubt about their ability to perform self-initiation, I will be able to instantly confirm with you that it has been done correctly and put your mind at ease ☺️

If you want to be initiated by me (must be done in person and not included in this package), please let me know.

✨ As this training is being put together by request, if you have dearly wanted to participate and the class dates/times listed below are not suitable for you, please let me know as it may be possible to discuss amongst the group and make alterations. If at all possible, it would be best to attend the classes live, although a recorded replay will be provided within a few hours of each class.

✨ Options for Master & Grand Master initiation: training and initiation for Levels 1 & 2 of this modality are done simultaneously, and Master & Grand Master Levels may be done simultaneously after 6 months of practice (this is negotiable depending on how well the frequencies are integrated by the individual practitioner). By request, another class can be run for Master & Grand Master Levels at a later stage, private training is available, or with practice, you may feel confident to self-train and initiate in the additional levels of this modality at your own pace with the support of our private Facebook training community (more on this below).


Benefits of a group vs private training:

Dramatically descreased cost since many can be supported at the same time, saving a great deal of time and energy

Learn alongside other beautiful beings on a similar/related journey and with like mind and like heart, forming life-enhancing new relationships

A sense of community and shared purpose in the learning experience, and shared celebration on completion!


Package includes 3 online face to face group training sessions and full support during your training and self-initiation period, supportive pdf documents and audios to assist with your study and for later reference, entry into a private Facebook group where you can connect with other students, share your experiences, ask questions and receive lifetime support, and where I will be on hand to address any possible query that could come up around using this incredible modality in any given context. You will also be kept updated on new additions to the modality through the medium of the Facebook group. If desired, a certificate of training and supervised self-initiation can be provided.


  • 3 x live online group training sessions (first session approx. 2hrs, following sessions approx 90 mins)
  • Full support during your training and self-initiation period
  • Supportive pdf documents and audios
  • Entry into a private training community (FB group) where you can receive lifetime support from me and your fellow practitioners, including updates on any changes and new additions to this modality
  • Certificate of training and supervised self-initiation provided if desired
  • Bonus Class – speaking the light language used within this modality
  • Optional call where self-initiation can be performed within the group setting if desired, unless preferred to proceed alone

Training covers everything from theory and understanding of the modality and its concepts, integration of the frequencies in preparation for self-initation, to practical application and use of the modality in any setting imaginable, plus a bonus class on speaking the light language that is used within this modality (an ancient language of the Infinite Mother). You will finish with a very thorough grasp of exactly how to use this miraculous healing system for your chosen purpose, and training is geared entirely towards your unique requirements and intentions. Previous participants of my classes know that even within a group setting, the format is highly personalised with much one to one support and attention!

Class schedule:

Class 1 – Wednesday 15th May at 3pm GMT / 10am EST
Class 2 – Wednesday 22nd May at 3pm GMT / 10am EST
Class 3 – Wednesday 29th May at 3pm GMT / 10am EST
*Optional* group self-initiation call – Friday 31st May (at a time that suits any who wish to participate – alternative is solo self-initiation with full support)
Bonus Class (Speaking the Light Language) – Wednesday 5th June at 3pm GMT / 10am EST

Important: Additional purchase of the Belvapata Angel Healing Volume 1 book (available in pdf format via Spiritual Journeys or in hardcopy format, which I highly recommend, from various online retailers) will be required prior to start of training. On purchase of this training package, I will contact you with a welcome email and further information. You’ll be immediately added to our private study group on Facebook if desired where you can connect with fellow students and practitioners right away. Alternatively, contact [email protected] with any questions you may have in advance.


General information:

Belvaspata (meaning “Healing of the Heart” in the ancient light language of the Infinite Mother) is a light and frequency based healing modality that was received in Ireland in 2006 by the world-renowned Mystic and Seer, Almine in response to major changes in the nature of polarity in the cosmos. Read more about Almine here.

Since the dawning of these changes beginning with the Earth’s ascension in 2005, the cosmic laws of physics have radically altered in their functioning, completely reversing what we once knew about healing (to read more about this, see Almine’s book The Ring of Truth). Light now attracts like light, whereas opposite energies repel. Hence Belvaspata uses sigils of light to draw higher consciousness into areas of sickness, rather than “sending” healing energy, which is no longer attracted to its opposite (sick energy).

Additionally, Belvaspata works on a very large cosmic scale, supported by legions of dedicated angels, to repair damage to the light and frequency grids of both an individual and the cosmos in the process, reversing the “side effects” of the ages spent in the dream of separation, which have been painful to say the least.

One of the greatest gifts of Belvaspata initiation is that is connects us with our light family through the activation of cosmic light fibres within our fields. All new initiates report the sudden and incredibly joyous arrival into their lives of a whole new group of beings who feel deeply like “home”, and in fact feel so familiar that it’s like they were there all the time! With this comes a whole new wave of support, the likes of which we may never have experienced before in our conscious memory. It truly is an extraordinary blessing that cannot be understated.

Read more here.


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