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Rune Magic

Affordable 3 Part Online Class to learn the foundational basics of this incredible modality for personal use

Discover the life-changing power of an astounding runic modality that goes far beyond being merely a tool of divination and actually activates DNA, clears programs, rapidly evolves consciousness and refines your whole reality as you work with it, on top of giving epic guidance! (plus much more!)

The “Runes of the Infinite Mother” were brought forth by the world-renowned Mystic & Seer Almine in response to the massive cosmic changes that have been underway within the last decade, which has called for power-tools beyond anything that has before been accessed. They feature 12 sets of 96 Runes each, all with their own distinct power and “field” of focus. Never before has such an immense alchemical divination system been seen on Earth.

Unlike linear forms of divination, the Runes of the Infinite Mother don’t just give static answers within a pre-existing set of possibilities; but serve to evolve awareness beyond the boundaries of our current reality so that exponentially more graceful and highly evolved outcomes present themselves. All this as we attune ourselves through working with this tool to what lies outside the confines of both our personal and collective matrices. This modality is quite literally a tool for evolving life, and is like nothing we’ve ever seen before from within old cosmic paradigms. There are a total of 1152 Runes to work with, the most extensive divination system to ever exist!

This class series is fully synchronised with the powerful Rune Mastery Environment, an extensive feature-rich online application designed for absolute ease of working with this amazing system. This is a phenomenal modality for both spiritual/metaphysical practictioners and healers and those who simply wish to massively uplevel the grace and clarity of their own spiritual journey, and really needs to be experienced for oneself to fully grasp its potency.

Practically speaking, the Runes form a “linguistic bridge” between our inner and outer realities (soul and body respectively), serving to translate the messages from our inner reality (the feminine level of being) that are much harder for us to hear and even harder to interpret, eventually training us to be able to hear the depth of the feminine – the place from which all new potential emerges) – as effortlessly as we hear other forms of guidance, and to have it permeate our experience as a power source beyond measure – completely altering the nature of our our whole existence.

These Runes deal with the metamorphoses of the chakra system into one of far far higher consciousness, purifying membranes between realities so we move effortlessly from stage to stage of our evolution through grace, rather than through hardship, opposition and trauma. This 3 part live class with equip you to work with this incredible tool for personal use in whatever way most appeals to you, and is best suited for those either just discovering these magical Runes for the first time, or experienced users who have only really scratched the surface and who would like to understand them and their many applications a little better. Full training to become a Rune Master or Grand Master is also available as a separate offering – this offering covers foundational personal use only. 

This modality has been an absolute game-changer for me in my life, and is hands-down my most favourite tool for facilitating the evolutionary journey and changing it from a jagged experience to being one of awe-inspiring grace, ease and elegance. The value to life of learning to work with the Runes simply cannot be accurately stated in words, you’ll have to try it out for yourself!

Read more about the Runes here…


Class details:

Day 1Introduction & Theoretical Understanding Saturday 16th May @ 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST

Day 2Practical ApplicationSaturday 23rd May @ 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST

Bonus ClassPractical demos using queries submitted by youSaturday 30th May @ 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST

Each class is approx. 2 hours long

Our training ground… Zoom + the powerful online Anutiama Rune Mastery Environment, an extensive feature-rich subscription-based online application designed for absolute ease of working with this amazing modality. Fully optimised for use on all devices, take your Rune study and application with you everywhere! (one month membership included in your purchase of this class)

Email [email protected] with any questions


What’s included?


  • 3 live online classes (2 classes + bonus class), recorded with replay available within 24 hours for those who can’t join live
  • Supportive written materials in pdf format
  • One month subscription membership within the incredible feature-rich Anutiama Environment
  • Ability to ask questions and participate in a wholly interactive way, to be sure that complete understanding of how to best utilise this modality to massively increase consciousness and access to Infinite potential in your life may be yours. If unable to attend the calls live, questions can be submitted at any time before or after the live calls. Communication throughout the duration of this course is welcomed.

Additional notes

This class doesn’t constitute training and initiation as a Rune Master or Grand Master, and is merely a thorough introduction to working with this modality for personal use. If you’re called to Rune Mastery, full training and initiation is available. Additional study materials will be required for this – enquire here about full training & initiation.


  • On signup, links to join the live calls will be sent to you a day prior to each class. Recordings of each class and associated materials will be uploaded and sent to you within 24 hours. In the event that you can’t make the live calls, this is no problem. You are welcome to ask questions in advance to be answered on the call, or to submit questions after watching the replay. The benefiting of attending live is to be able to ask questions in “real time” (as well as participating in the group alchemy!)
  • On signup and a day prior to the first class, you will receive a fully-integrated link to activation of your one month membership within the Rune Mastery Environment. This is included in the purchase price of this class.

Important note: In order to activate this membership, card details will need to be entered on the Anutiama website, although the cost to you will be zero (visible at checkout). However, the membership will renew automatically after one month at the price of €26.62 per month unless cancelled by you in advance. This can be done from within your Anutiama dashboard. Your details are 100% secure, and your privacy is treated with the utmost consideration according to GDPR standards.


Additional (non-essential to participate in this class) study materials:

The Book of Runes –

The Bridge of No Time –

Although not essential to participate in this class, these are essential study materials if you wish to go on full training & initiation as a Rune Master/Grand Master and are highly recommended otherwise. 

The power of this book (The Book of Runes) will work, even if it is not read. The entire purpose of this book is: The full activation of the inner & outer senses, in order to dissolve the enslaving programs of belief systems.” – Almine


If you wish to ask questions about this product prior to purchase, please contact [email protected] or use the contact form here.



Reviews of the previous class:

“I loved Ciara’s Runes Course. It is the perfect introduction to learning about working with these amazing tools. There is so much richness and depth to them and I find I am quickly developing a new sense of trust in my own intuition.” – Yvette Jane, Place of Serenity



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