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Ready and willing to achieve massive clarity in your life? Wherever you are on your journey, in my faithfully popular one to one session offering we can cover whatever the burning themes of the moment are for you… from your current challenges, to your next steps, to your greater purpose as a being, and everything in between. This session can be used for tackling areas requiring deep healing and integration of “lost” parts of self, restoring wholeness and establishing the profound peace of completion around lingering life-issues, as well as gaining all round massive clarity on what is needed to move forward.

Touching on specialised spaces including healing from emotional trauma, overcoming attachments, programming, limiting beliefs and establishing mental and emotional sovereignty, this is a deep-dive for those who are really serious about uncovering exactly what needs to be seen and integrated to move to the next level of their journey.

Maybe you’re a healer, coach or some other form of spiritual powerhouse yourself, capable of doing your own work and holding powerful space for yourself where called for, but in need of some powerful leveraging through collaborative effort. You might be feeling a little bit stuck where you’re currently standing, or just know that you need some help to get to the next level. Even the most seasoned on the spiritual journey occasionally require the assistance of somebody else to move them forward in their evolution, and if that is you, this offering has got your back.

This is up to 3 hours of pure alchemical connection for the times when you don’t necessarily need ongoing coaching or mentoring, but are feeling the call to reach out for support from peers on a similar wavelength who can facilitate igniting (or reigniting) your inner capacities, followed by additional layers of support to lift you to the next phase of your evolution.

Perhaps you’re simply on a personal spiritual journey, and you know when you land upon this page having explored a bit of my work that we’re meant to work together. You will know in your heart if connecting with me is the next step for you – trust your resonance. If you feel called, it would be my profound privilege to support you.

Combining multiple levels of support drawn from a rich toolbox of approaches and modalities, including NLP & Time Line Therapy, Belvaspata Angelic Healing of the Heart, shamanic methods, and much more, there are many things that we can cover in this time, and your session will be tailored completely to your unique needs and requirements. The combination of different elements of support within this offering provides a potent container for you to lean deeply into and experience deep, lasting change.

NLP & Time Line Therapy are therapeutic models for personal change and self-development, and can assist with a broad range of enquiries including the release of negative emotions, past traumas and wounding, the release of limiting beliefs and decisions and installation of new and empowering ones, changing unwanted habits and thoughts and eliminating anxiety, releasing addictions, releasing disabling phobias, improving relationships, creating lasting change in physical and emotional wellbeing, radically and rapidly increasing confidence and self-belief and getting clear on your goals and values and how to actually achieve them in life, and more.

Belvaspata is an extraordinary light and frequency healing modality that heals by revealing the perfection underlying appearances, rather than focusing on surface illusions of unwholeness, lack, and so forth.

Shamanic methods are used for processes such as soul retrieval, where a part of the self has “left” the body due to extreme challenge and needs to be restored before it will be possible to move forward in certain ways. These are but some of the approaches that may be utilised according to what you most need!

What would it mean to you to have the kind of freedom and clarity that comes from finally moving beyond the areas of deepest pain and perceived limitation your life? Imagine the possibilities of a life less limited, and released from binding patterns that keep you back from living and thriving as all that you can be. Whatever that uniquely means to you, we can tackle it here.

How this whole process works:

You will be asked to fill in a detailed pre-questionnaire to begin the process of transformation before our first meeting and to provide me with some understanding to be working with already, and prior to our session I will journey for you to receive any information that will be valuable to have in advance, and for us to be able to make the greatest possible shifts during our time together!

We will then have a face to face meeting (via Zoom, on which our call can be recorded for you if desired), and following that you’ll be immediately included in a daily maintenance healing program for a full 6 months afterwards to give you the best possible chance of establishing new patterns in your life without the old just pouring straight back in. The recording of our face to face call will be sent to you, along with any additional support materials that may be needed. You’ll also receive a full week of after-support via email to help you with integration of the changes and whatever might come up for you. Finally, you will be given an “evidence” task to complete following your sessions to demonstrate to yourself that change has occurred – a very empowering step!

What’s included:

  • Pre-session prep work via email
  • Private face to face session lasting up to 3 hours to provide deep transformation in your chosen area of life
  • Followed up by a one week of email support following your session to assist with integration
  • Additional support materials as needed
  • 6 whole months of inclusion in a daily maintenance healing program
  • Session recording sent by email to you afterwards

After purchase, a link will be sent to you via email through which you can schedule your session time and provide any relevant information or ask questions. Alternatively, if you wish to ask questions in advance contact or use the contact form here.



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